The Gospels is a scholarly study of the four Gospels, studied together, comparing and contrasting the evangelists’ accounts.

The goal of this study is to engage in a thorough discussion of our Lord’s life and ministry.    In so doing, we will examine the foundation of our Christian faith.   The Gospels give us this insight sometimes explicitly, sometimes in seed form watered by the rest of the New Testament authors.

COME to St Charles Catholic Church and experience the study in a live setting.    We meet every Tuesday, from 7PM to 8:30 PM.

If you are Catholic, come and reflect on your faith.  

If you are not Catholic, please also come and deepen your love for Our Lord, within an informal but well presented framework of disciplined discovery and wonder.

If you have any questions, please contact
Jerry DeMelo, Jr at (559) 960-3245 -

or email at

Come and See   (Jn 1:39)


In short The Gospels for you, if any of the following describe you:

I am hungry to learn more, but do not know where to start;

I want to study the bible, but lack confidence to be with others because I don’t know much and don’t want it to show;

I want to go to a bible study, but I just don’t have time to prepare;

I want to know what Catholics believe and why, and I would like to see how Scripture shows it to be true.

or simply ...

I have delayed long enough, its time!

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Welcome to the Gospels