A catholic Pilgrimage



This Pilgrimage is open to everyone, with group rates from LAX, or with an option for Pilgrims to meet us in Tel Aviv, after obtaining their own air, from their home location.


On Sunday, March 22, 2019 -  many of us will be boarding a flight from Los Angeles, California to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Others will join us from other states and countries.   In Jerusalem we will form one family on Pilgrimage.  

We will be visiting all the Holiest of Sites in Israel, and walk in the footsteps of Jesus.    At each site, we will read the Scriptures that describe the events that occurred at that location, and read reflections that draw out the applicability of those important events in our own lives.

This is a Catholic Pilgrimage, for those who love their faith in all its expressions.    However, one does not need to be Catholic to join, so long as that person is comfortable with our daily Catholic expressions, at Mass and prayer.

We will visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre each morning while in Jerusalem and  have the opportunity to celebrate Mass in the Tomb of Jesus as well as Calvary before breakfast.

During the day, we will visit the places where Jesus was born, lived, healed,  preached, and performed miracles.  We will see the places where Jesus  suffered, died and from where he ascended. 

We will celebrate Mass as a group and receive Eucharist daily, as we go about the Holy Land at the most holiest of sites.


Join us in a very special Catholic Pilgrimage to Israel.

New Dates:  March 22 to April 3, 2020


Time Remaining until
2020 Pilgrimage


Please take 6 minutes and view the below video of our Pilgrimage.   Just click anywhere on the picture

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13 days

A bit more relaxed,
but with the addition of  new sites.