The Final Itinerary will only be available thirty days before arrival in Israel.  

Even after the itinerary is finalized, traffic and other considerations may materialize while on the Pilgrimage that can cause the actual itinerary to deviate from the finalized plan.    

If you have ever been on a religious pilgrimage to anywhere before, you are already aware of these realities.  Yet, we do not take the itinerary lightly.  All effort will be made to see all the sites.

Below are two depictions of the likely itinerary.  

One is a PDF of a document that you can read with some detail, and the

Other is a visual depiction from a spreadsheet, that you can view as single page in order that you can get the bird's eye view.

We expect the final itinerary to be the very close to the same.

You can download either or both itineraries, by just clicking and then printing