Bus Departure time to be determined - leaving from

St Charles Catholic Church in Visalia



Thursday MAR 14, after arrival in LAX.

Flight presently scheduled to arrive 7 AM

Transport by bus to Visalia.

Expected arrival at St Charles in Visalia near 2 PM.   We will probably stop for a meal in route and that may affect the arrival time.

EL AL Pilgrim Group Flight from LAX


Sunday, MAR 3 - Direct flight

Depart LAX on LY006 at 2:00 PM

Arrive at TLV on Monday, MAR 4 at 2:00 PM


Thursday early morning MAR 14  - Direct flight

Depart TLV on LY005 at 00:45 AM

Arrive at LAX on Thursday,  MAR 9 at 07:00AM

These flights have no stops.


Can check in ONE bag.

The sum of three dimensions (X, Y, Z axis) can not exceed 62 inches on largest bag.  The weight limit 50 pounds  (23 Kg)

Can also carry on ONE bag.  

Weight restrictions vary from Airline to Airline, and will updated at GO Meeting, if you are using a group flight.   EL AL weight limit 17 pounds (8 Kg)

Can also carry a Backpack or large Purse.

Many carry a backpack in addition to their Carry On suitcase.   This is permitted.


ISRAEL uses 250V 50 HZ electrical system, with round prong outlets.   These are the same plugs that one would use in Europe.    Your normal US plugs do not fit, and you will not be able to use any electrical equipment or charge your phones unless you have an adapter.

You will need an ADAPTER to plug in your electrical items.

The picture shows what an adapter might look like.

All Hotel rooms have hair dryers, but no curling irons.

Curling Irons made for US voltage of 110v, melt when plugged into a 250v system, unless you also bring a TRANSFORMER that reduces the voltage from 250 to 120Vac  

-- An adapter by itself does not reduce the voltage.


US currency is readily accepted in Israel. You will not need to change your money to shekels.  

You will need lots of $1 bills because many inexpensive souvenirs and trinkets are $1, $2, or $3 each.   I recommend you bring $100 in $1s or at least $50 in one dollar bills

Master Card and Visa are widely accepted.  

Other Credit Card types are not so readily usable.  

Consider a M/C or Visa as your primary go to card.

We will stop at Catholic Shops that are trustworthy where your credit cards can be used without worries about identity theft.  Also these shops employ Catholics and we will be supporting the Christians in the Holy Land.