Jerry DeMelo, Jr. - will be the Group Leader of this Pilgrimage.   I will be the Administrative Coordinator.   I am not a travel agent, but simply a committed Catholic.

This Pilgrimage will be my 14th Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Catholic guide Christopher Cross from North Carolina.   This has become a ministry, until such time as God deems the end of this season.

I first went to the Holy Land in March of 2008 with my wife Melinda.   Since then I have returned with groups of Pilgrims almost every year.  I am delighted to continue in 2024 after successfully completing two Pilgrimages in 2022 and 2023 after the Covid Pandemic.

Over 500 Pilgrims, have been to the Holy Land as a result of this ministry.  Never thought I would go to the Holy Land once, much less lead groups.  God's idea no doubt.  Thanks be to God.

Quite a few have gone a second time, and several even three times!   Two couples have gone with us over five times.

I have had the unique privilege of seeing lives changed, beginning with my own.


Christopher Cross, KHS - will be the Group Guide of this Pilgrimage.   Christopher will be leading us on what will be his 95th Pilgrimage!

Yes,  you read that correctly.

Christopher is a Knight of the Holy Sepulchre.   This esteemed and ancient group is committed to the preservation of the Holy Land for Christian Pilgrimage.  The Knights trace their origins to the Crusade period, having been formed to facilitate and keep safe, trips to the land where Christ walked.

No one is more qualified to lead a Catholic Pilgrimage to the Holy Land than Christopher.  His contacts in the Holy Land are amazing, and often his groups are treated to special glimpses of the holy sites by the Franciscan Custodians and other Officials into areas and sites not commonly seen by Pilgrims.

Christopher is very devoted to Our Lady, and as such we will visit every Mystery Site of the Holy Rosary -and there pray a decade at the site of the mystery.  Well, all but one - the Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven, as that decade will have to await us until we reach our heavenly home


Selma Evans- will be the Travel Agent for this Pilgrimage.

Selma will be the booking agent who will take the Pilgrimage Deposits, advise regarding travel insurance and otherwise answer flight needs and issues, for those traveling from LAX and for those traveling from other cities or countries using the LAND registration option.

Selma is not involved in explaining any of the aspects of this Holy Land Pilgrimage in Israel, apart from travel flights and booking information.  

Selma is exclusively concerned with Registration paperwork and receiving deposits and final payments, as well as coordinating flight arrangements.  

ALL Bookings generally go through Altour, regardless of the Pilgrims originating source.

As to all issues related to the actual Pilgrimage itinerary and once in Israel, contact Jerry DeMelo, who is the Group Leader.

Selma can be contacted at:

Altour Travel

310 W. Center Ave.

Visalia,  CA  93291

(559) 625-1333

Selma has been a travel agent for 56 years.  

She has helped organize hundred of trips for large and small groups, as well as individuals.  She is a valued agent at Altour Travel and still leads her own groups on international trips.